TS-W3002D4 | Pioneer

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Heavy duty, record-breaking bass.

The TS-W3002D4, part of our Champion Series Pro, delivers competition-class bass, even in a very small enclosure.

Air Suspension SystemThe sub has an Air Suspension System, which creates an airtight space between the two cones within. This enables the main cone to move solidly and smoothly, reflecting air pressure from the enclosure. The result is a very tight bass in less enclosure space.

The cone is constructed from a composite blend of carbon and basalt fibre, which makes it extremely rigid; yet lightweight, for low distortion and powerful bass at high sound pressure levels.

The sub is versatile, offering you a variety of set-up possibilities (8Ω or 2Ω), provided that there is correct power matching between the subwoofer and your amplifier.

* You can enhance the look (and protection) of your sub with the addition of an optional 3-spoke grill or custom-made enclosure box.

Basalt Blended Cone