TS-Z65F - Speaker Systems | Pioneer


17cm 2-Way Coaxial Speakers (330 W)


Immerse yourself in open and smooth sound staging.

Discover the Pioneer TS-Z Series speakers. Utilising Pioneer's renowned 'Open & Smooth' sound concept, the TS-Z65F also now features a wider frequency range and a wider dynamic range than any other Pioneer speaker, meaning the Pioneer TS-Z65F can now reproduce 'High Resolution Audio'. This also means the TS-Z Series produces less distortion at high volume levels
Adding to the sound characteristics, the tweeter on the TS-Z Series is designed to swivel on the coaxial, to give you the best direction of sound possible, and easy installation possibilities in the vehicle.


Every element of the TS-Z65F is designed to offer you a high-quality sound experience that is natural and truly immersive with exceptional detail. 


Upgrade your sound with the Pioneer TS-Z65F. This 17cm 2-Way coaxial speaker system delivers up to 330 W Maximum power and 110 W Nominal power. 


Open & Smooth
Open & SmoothThis sound concept by Pioneer offers open-staging and a smooth transition of driver response making for an immersive experience that is truly the ultimate in-car sound.
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