TS-WX310S4 - Car Subwoofers | Pioneer


Passive enclosed subwoofer with inverted-phase acoustics (1400 W) (Russian Model)

This subwoofer provides serious levels of sound pressure even with low-power amplifiers. The inverted-phase acoustics provides improved efficiency factor and high output, while the sensitivity reaches 95 dB. The enclosure of TS-WX310S4 has 45 liters of volume and is made of durable moisture-proof plywood which is resistant against large temperature and moisture fluctuations.


The 12-inch low-frequency speaker incorporates a composite IMPP diffuser with a spherical profile. This design ensures high rigidity and the diffuser is absolutely free of bending forces even at high sound pressure levels. The suspension is made of two-layer flexible, glassfibre-reinforced polymer which ensures stability of characteristics both at small diffuser movements and at high power.


The nominal RMS power of the subwoofer is 400 W while the peak power is 1400 W. Thanks to accurately calculated acoustics and advanced technology, TS-WX310S4 is able to produce clear, precise and incredibly deep bass at any volume.


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